Tuesday Oct 24, 2023

The Westminster Declaration

Saturday’s protests on the streets of London were yet another example of partial policing from the Metropolitan police, whose commissioner was called in to explain himself on Monday morning by the Home Secretary. But watching BBC coverage of the day, you would most likely be unaware of some of the more inflammatory phrases that were being thrown around by protesters; these were instantly cast into the broadcaster’s ‘memory hole’. But, as so many commentators have made clear, the consequences of these failures by such important British institutions have an immediate and frightening impact on our citizens, especially the Jewish community, and this during a very uncertain time. In a period where the mainstream media has too often shown itself to be partial, it was heartening to see the publishing of the Westminster Declaration. This statement shines a light on the censorship dangers arising from labels of ‘misinformation’ and ‘disinformation’ being routinely slapped onto dissenting or (so-called) incorrect views. We end our episode with a discussion on the latest trends from our casework. The FSU’s dataset is perhaps the most complete and compelling evidence yet compiled on the cancel culture phenomenon.  

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