Tuesday Sep 26, 2023

Who Governs Britain?

We begin today’s episode by pondering some interesting parallels between last week’s letter from Dame Caroline Dinenage requesting on-line platforms to consider demonetising Russell Brand and the long but  fascinating history of Acts of Attainder. Dame Caroline’s letter was discussed at length by Ben on GB News last week. We move on to an important victory for the FSU and one of our members. Colonel (retired) Dr Kelvin Wright has been cleared after he was investigated for sharing a Facebook post stating that ‘men cannot be women’. Following this positive outcome, Dr Wright commented that, while he has been vindicated, “the Army has a systemic problem where gender critical opinions are concerned. I want to ensure that nobody can be put through the type of process I’ve just endured”; the Army is much the poorer for the loss of a man like him. Following the publication last week of a staff letter that warns of a ‘woke takeover’ across the civil service, we are rather left wondering, in the words of Ted Heath, “Who Governs Britain?”. After a brief interlude to discuss the new Online Safety Bill (thank you to all our members who have worked with us to strike out its most egregious elements) we finish the episode on a positive note: the apology statement written by Rethinking Education in the aftermath of its cancellation of director of Don’t Divide Us, Dr Alka Sehgal Cuthbert.

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